Oasis Reviews and Complaints.

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Oasis is a worldwide dating network that invites singles of all ages and backgrounds to join and explore the Oasis membership list for suitable dating or friendship partners. The service, which is free, offers instant messaging and automatic matching among individuals from around the globe. Members can decide the sex, age and location of the people that they want to meet and then access the profiles that match their expectations.

Ken from Deerfield found that Oasis offered him an opportunity to find the woman that would become his wife. "I had tried over a dozen dating websites and hadn't found any women who interested me. I'm not someone who generally has a lot of complaints but the same women were popping up over and over on all of these sites. Oasis was the first site that offered some different profiles, one of which turned out to be the right one."

Claire from St. Louis reviews Oasis. "St. Louis isn't a particularly small city, but there weren't a lot of men listed on Oasis from my area. Since I don't have the option of leaving the St. Louis area because of my work, Oasis didn't help me very much."

Ben from Brooklyn was able to use the Oasis strategy for matchmaking to his advantage. "I think that Oasis is best for people who live in a large metropolitan area. Living in Brooklyn, I had a lot of choices and had a number of great introductions through Oasis. My only complaint was that I found the site a bit awkward. It took me awhile to navigate all the options."

Barb from Seattle has a similar review. "As an over-60, I didn't have very high expectations from any internet dating service, but I joined Oasis because my son suggested it. He'd heard good things about Oasis. There were profiles of several men listed for my age bracket in Seattle. I went out with a few of them and I'm presently dating one of the men quite seriously. Seattle was well represented on Oasis."

Vicki from Boise was willing to relocate which gave her an advantage on Oasis. "Location wasn't an issue for me because I'm very mobile. Once I made it clear that I could move to pursue a promising relationship, I was able to make some good introductions through the contacts that I found on Oasis.

Reviews and complaints for Oasis.
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